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Raytools' Nozzle SL-0.8-D32H15M14: Single-layer, 0.8mm Calibration, high-quality material, designed for precise laser cutting with compatibility for BT240s, BM-109, BM-110, BM-111, BM111(E), BM-114(S)
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SKU Nozzle SL-0.8-D32H15M14 Raytools
Category Laser Fiber Machine Parts
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Series Single Layer

Upgrade your laser fiber machine with Raytools' Nozzle SL-0.8-D32H15M14. Precision-engineered for optimal performance, this single-layer nozzle ensures seamless cutting with efficiency and accuracy. Elevate your machining experience with quality and innovation.

Brand: Raytools


- Single Layer


- Nozzle body: High Quality Material of Copper/Brass

-Material: Copper T2

- Coating: N/A


- Calibration: 0.8mm

- Height: 15mm

- Diameter: 32mm

-Thread: M14

- Brand: Raytools


  • BTS 240S Raytool Head
  • BM 109 Raytools Head
  • BM 110 Raytools Head
  • BM 111 Raytools Head
  • BM 111E Raytools Head
  • BM 114S Raytools Head